Wednesday 29 January 2020

CanCon 2020 - Chain of Command: Blitzkrieg 1940

or Who'll come a Larding Matilda with me?


I wanted to share some early shots from the Chain of Command games at CanCon 2020. The theme was Blitzkrieg in the Low Countries, using the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command 1940s Handbook. The event was masterfully managed by Steve McGuigan, with the incomparable terrain of John Bond (who sadly couldn't be there), and with Scott Driscoll running a CoC boot camp to induct newcomers (and giving some sage advice to those of us still a little green!).  John's tables were as always a joy to behold, and even more joyous to play on. As one of our number remarked, it might be hard now to return to a more routine layout!

I've provided below some shots of the six tables (with their Scenario titles) and one of our two Big CoC double tables from the last half day. My phone/camera and my photographic skills do NOT do credit to the terrain, which was truly spectacular! Just so much fun to game on. Hopefully others will have got better shots than these.

Last Train to Clarkesville
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Village of the Damned
The Manor Ignored
Chaos Reigns from Above
Messing about in Boats (1)
Messing about in Boats (close up)

Messing about in Boats (2)
Big CoC (Table 2)

As is so often the way with these events, I tend to get somewhat immersed in the game and forget to take photos, but I'll try and use what I have to write up some accounts of specific games in the coming days (or more likely, knowing me, weeks).